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Since 2010 “Quick Click Contact” is working as a digital marketing company that offers a full spectrum of “lead generation” and ”data-driven digital marketing” services. Our area of expertise consists on assisting our clients in understanding and identifying their potential prospects. We have created a smart and focused strategy to meet our client’s expectations, which assists companies in expediting their sales and focused network.

You may book a call via Calendly in your preferable date and time. However,  we are available, in Gmail, Skype, WhatsApp or phone call to answer your questions. We have customer support available 24/7, and a representative will answer any questions you may have.

We make it easier for our clients to make decisions by providing 50 free b2b sales leads or a demo service (depending on your preference), If you are happy with the demo service, then we will move forward with the further onboarding process. However, we need some basic information or criteria to understand your target Audience. For example Type of Companies: (B2B, B2C, Manufacturing, Retail) Industry: (Real estate, IT, Lawyers, etc.) Location: (City/Country) Titles: (C-Level, Marketing, Operations).

We gather data from a wide variety of sources, some of them are free and some of them require payment, such as the Landing Profile, Facebook group, Twitter group, LinkedIn page and Group, and other premium sources. No need to worry about that, we will do everything for you!

The foundation of our business is founded on honesty and reliability. As a result, the trust that our customers have placed towards us is reciprocated by the trust that we have placed in them. On the other hand, we make use of a variety of paid tools in order to validate every piece of data that we provided. So, you only need to provide payment for the qualified data.

Our onboarding process is very simple. Firstly, we will have a quick call to understand about your company and products or services. Then we will share a Google form in order to collect a few other extra information for our team to understand your actual needs. Lastly, we will send you contact and payment details, add you in our communication channel to provide you regular updates about the progress.

We accept only US bank transfer via stripe or direct bank transfers to our US bank. However, we are in the process of integrating all other market-available payment gateways.

We take our client’s personal and company information very seriously. Privacy is a major concern in our company policy. We secure every single piece of information, and we do not violate any International rules in any means.

We create leads from a diverse assortment of sources, some of which are free of charge, while others involve a payment of some type. Our team comprises a number of experienced individuals that are proficient in a variety of lead generation technologies, tools, and methods. On the other hand, we do not violate any international laws in the process of collecting personal or company information.

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