Generating High-Quality Leads for a Financial Services Provider

Generating High-Quality Leads for a Financial Services Provider


One firm that specializes in providing financial services had problems producing enough high-quality leads to meet their sales quotas and keep their pipeline full. Despite having a good reputation and a website that has been beautifully created, they were unable to contact potential customers and convert them into leads. 


Our B2B lead generation agency, Quick Click Contact, partnered with a financial services company to help generate more high-quality leads. The following are examples of tactics used by our agency:


  • Creating and executing a focused digital advertising strategy to attract prospective buyers in important areas. This includes using Google Advertising and LinkedIn Ads to target consumers with aesthetically attractive ads highlighting the company’s offerings and expertise.


  • Improving the website’s visibility in search engines and conversion rates is one of the goals of the financial services provider’s website optimization. This included putting into action off-page SEO methods like link development and local SEO, in addition to on-page SEO strategies like keyword research and meta tag optimization.


  • Connecting with prospective clients and generating leads via the use of social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn. This included the creation of material that was both interesting and informative, showcasing the company’s competence while also providing helpful ideas on how to approach financial planning and investments.


  • Making contact with significant target accounts via the use of account-based marketing (ABM) strategies. This method included, among other things, the development of niche-specific marketing techniques geared at certain groups, such as rich customers and business owners.


  • Developing and improving the landing pages on the website of the financial services company in order to increase conversion rates. This included the design of pages that were pleasing to the eye and simple to browse, as well as the implementation of A/B testing to optimize the sites for optimum conversion potential.


  • Purchasing sales leads: The company partnered with “Quick Click Contact” to get generated more high-quality leads that were specific to their needs and requirements. One of the main tactics employed by our agency was delivering pre-qualified and vetted sales leads from our database. This ensured that the leads that were provided to the company were already interested in their services and had a higher likelihood of converting into customers. Our team used a combination of data research, market analysis and customer profiling to identify and attract the most relevant leads for the company. The purchased leads were also updated regularly to ensure that the contact information was accurate and up-to-date. 


  • Developing information that is both interesting and educational, such as e-books and infographics, and then disseminating it in order to attract and educate prospective clients. This included the creation of material that emphasized the company’s services and expertise, as well as offering suggestions and guidance on financial planning and investment strategies. Other aspects of this task included developing content that highlighted the company’s services and experience.


The financial services company observed a considerable increase in leads from prospective investors in major countries as a direct consequence of our relationship, with a conversion rate of 25%. The campaign resulted in a greater number of new clients for the company than anticipated. Through effective lead nurturing and conversion, the agency assisted the company in meeting its sales goal within the campaign’s allotted time frame of six months.


The financial services company was able to produce more high-quality leads from prospective investors in important areas by collaborating with our B2B lead generation agency named “Quick Click Contact,” which eventually assisted them in meeting their sales targets and growing their business.