Generating High-Quality Leads for an Insurance Services Provider

Generating High-Quality Leads for an Insurance Services Provider


One company that provides insurance services was having trouble producing sufficient numbers of quality leads to satisfy their sales quotas and achieve their revenue objectives. They were having difficulty reaching prospective consumers and converting them into leads, despite the fact that they had a powerful brand and a website that was professionally developed.


The insurance services provider entered into a partnership with the B2B lead generation agency known as “Quick Click Contact” in order to assist in the development of more high-quality leads. The agency used a variety of strategies, including the following:

Developing and implementing a targeted digital advertising campaign to reach potential customers in key markets. This included utilizing Google and Facebook Ads to reach targeted audiences with visually appealing ads that highlighted the company’s services and expertise, as well as utilizing display and retargeting ads to stay top of mind with potential customers.

Improving the website’s visibility in search engines and conversion rates is one of the goals of the insurance services provider’s website optimization. This includes adopting off-page SEO methods such as link building and local SEO, in addition to on-page SEO strategies such as keyword research and meta-tag optimization. This also involved optimizing local SEO.

Developing a connection with prospective clients and generating leads via the use of social media sites such as LinkedIn and Twitter. This included running social media advertising that targeted certain sectors of the market as well as developing content that was both interesting and educational, with the goal of showcasing the company’s services and areas of expertise.

Reaching out to important target accounts by using account-based marketing (ABM) techniques. Part of this process included developing niche-specific marketing strategies aimed at groups including company owners and retirees.

Developing information that is both interesting and educational, such as e-books and infographics, and then disseminating it in order to attract and educate prospective clients. Specifically, this included the production of material that showcased the company’s services and experience, as well as the provision of pointers and recommendations on matters pertaining to insurance.

Purchasing sales leads from “Quick Click Contact” to get generated more high-quality leads that were specific to their needs and requirements. The employed tactics by our agency were delivering pre-qualified and vetted sales leads from our database. This ensured that the leads that were provided to the company were already interested in their services and had a higher likelihood of converting into customers. Our team used a combination of data research, market analysis, and customer profiling to identify and attract the most relevant leads for the company. The purchased leads were also updated regularly to ensure that the contact information was accurate and up-to-date. 


The partnership greatly increased the number of leads produced for the insurance services provider and resulted in a 20% increase in conversions. New clients were attracted to the company as a result of the marketing, bringing in more revenue than anticipated for the following year. By following up on campaign leads, our agency assisted the client in meeting their sales goal during the next six months.


The insurance service provider was able to expand their business by working together with our B2B lead generation agency. This collaboration assisted the insurance service provider in increasing the number of qualified prospects they were exposed to, the number of prospects they were able to convert, and the percentage of prospects who ultimately became paying customers.