Generating High-Quality Leads for a Managed IT Services Provider


A Managed IT Services Provider (MSP) was having difficulty generating leads from small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in their local area. Despite having a strong reputation and a well-designed website, they were struggling to reach potential customers and convert them into leads.


The MSP partnered with “Quick Click Contact” a B2B lead generation agency to help them generate more leads from SMBs in their local area. The agency employed several tactics to achieve this goal, which included:


  • Utilizing Google and Facebook Ads: “Quick Click Contact” set up targeted ads on Google and Facebook to reach SMBs in the local area. These ads were designed to be highly relevant to the target audience, featuring compelling offers and call to action that encouraged SMBs to take the next step and engage with the MSP.


  • Developing and implementing a Local SEO Strategy: Our team developed a targeted local SEO strategy to improve the MSP’s visibility in local search results. This included optimizing the MSP’s website for local keywords and phrases, creating local listings and citations, and building high-quality backlinks to the MSP’s website.


  • Utilizing LinkedIn: Our team utilized LinkedIn to connect with decision-makers at SMBs and generate leads. This included creating a professional LinkedIn profile for the MSP, building a network of connections in the SMB market, and using LinkedIn’s advanced targeting features to reach potential customers.


  • Creating and Distributing Educational Content: Our team created and distributed educational content such as e-books, infographics, and blog posts to educate SMBs about the benefits of managed IT services. This content was designed to be highly informative and engaging and was distributed through a variety of channels to reach the widest possible audience.


  • Purchasing sales leads: The company partnered with “Quick Click Contact” to get generated more high-quality leads that were specific to their needs and requirements. One of the main tactics employed by our agency was delivering pre-qualified and vetted sales leads from our database. This ensured that the leads that were provided to the company were already interested in their services and had a higher likelihood of converting into customers. Our team used a combination of data research, market analysis and customer profiling to identify and attract the most relevant leads for the company. The purchased leads were also updated regularly to ensure that the contact information was accurate and up-to-date. 


  • Running Referral Marketing Campaigns: “Quick Click Contact” ran referral marketing campaigns to incentivize current customers to refer friends and colleagues in the SMB market. This included offering rewards and incentives for successful referrals, and implementing a referral tracking system to ensure that all leads generated through this channel were properly tracked and attributed.


As a result of the partnership with “Quick Click Contact”, the MSP saw a significant increase in the number of leads generated from SMBs in their local area, with a conversion rate of 25%. This lead to new customers worth more than predicted in revenue over the next 12 months, and helped the MSP to reach their sales target within the next 6 months by closing the leads generated by the campaign. The partnership with the “Quick Click Contact” was crucial in helping the MSP to generate high-quality leads, fill their pipeline, and improve their conversion rates, ultimately helping them to meet their sales goals and grow their business.


Overall, the partnership was a great success for the MSP and provided them with the necessary leads and revenue to grow their business. It is clear that the B2B lead generation agency’s expertise and tactics were able to effectively generate high-quality leads and provide the MSP with the opportunity to expand its customer base and reach its sales goals.